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Susan Maxwell Schmidt Art Collections

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Artist Statement

Susan Maxwell Schmidt My mind lives in a rather strange world of its own, in a state which I tend to refer to as "delightfully twisted." Through my art, which I am vehemently determined to continue to create with as little outside influence as possible (not the least of which includes whatever happens to be driving the art market at any given moment), I work tirelessly to interpret the concepts my mind creates in a moment-by-moment barrage of ideas that always seem to come faster than I can realize them in a tangible form. Though my artwork over the past 40 years has evolved from my early days of shooting on film to manifesting itself in many different forms of more contemporary media, from the delicate transparency of digital watercolor and vibrancy of digital oils, to the no-holds-barred starkness of noir digital photography, to even the fanciful abstract-turned-conceptual properties of my mathematics-based 3-D fractal art, the undercurrent that binds them all is my life-long love of surrealism. I prefer the surrealist worlds my mind creates to the one in which we all inhabit, and though I create all my art to please only myself as a rule, absolutely nothing thrills me more than when it speaks to someone else as it does me.

My art has appeared in SLAM Magazine, Garden Tripod and Best of Creatocracy, and graced the cover of British group River City Portrait's digital music single "Paralysed." I was honored as the best artist to represent Pennsylvania in 50 States of Art 2015.

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